Arandomd is a network daemon that provides statistically tested random output from a CSPRNG to anyone able to connect to its listening TCP port.

In its standard mode of operation, it provides random output from a single ARC4 stream cipher generator quickly. As multiple consumers cause it to regularly reseed itself from a separate, strong random source, it is expected to produce consistently unpredictable results for cryptographic purposes. As such, it is also expected to provide a viable solution to the "randomness in the cloud" issue.

Up to 15 tests from the Statistical Test Suite for Random and Pseudorandom Number Generators (NIST Special Publication 800-22, rev. 1a) must be passed before output data is sent to the client.

Arandomd is free software, and available under a very permissive BSD-style license. See the COPYING file for further details.


Arandomd depends on LibUtillery, OpenSSL, and libevent.


Release tarballs can be found in the download directory here:

The latest version of arandomd is 1.0 from May 14th, 2012:
arandomd-1.0.tar.gz (NEWS)
SHA-256: bd688b7a6f84c28cffad83313c7d2a7c7fbcccc4a610902bae9b6457ce68ff93
RMD-160: 421e3cea9d0a43741d89446a23b1a936e8a93fd3
MD5: 755010fdd1c3b39deb64ddf12a5a69a1

Anonymous, read-only SCM access will be made available in the future again.


Please email problem reports (ideally accompanied with a patch) to mgrimm at mrsserver dot net.

Errors and omissions in the documentation are considered bugs.

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