FTE Text Editor


FTE is a powerful, free text editor for programmers. It is available under both the Artistic License (version 1.0) and the GNU General Public License (version 2).

FTE was originally written by Marko Macek, with several contributions by others. The FTE project here at kolabore.org is an independent continuation of the original FTE Text Editor project at SourceForge.NET. Its main purpose is maintenance of the software, with the option of moving it into a different direction in certain aspects.


There are no official releases available on this site, yet.

A working Subversion snapshot is available at ftp://ftp.mrsserver.net/pub/distfiles/fte-20090118.tar.gz. It denotes the starting point for the FTE project at kolabore.org: Original FTE CVS HEAD as of January 18th, 2009, plus patches from OpenBSD (64bit fixes, format string fixes, Makefile tweaks.)


Please email problem reports (ideally accompanied with a patch) to mgrimm at mrsserver dot net.

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