IPPluck is a command line utility that converts "IPv4 specifications" to actual CIDR networks for use in packet filter rules, whitelists for MTAs that do IP-based greylisting and other, related applications.

An "IPv4 specification" is either a simple and intuitive regular expression of one or more IP addresses, or a host name that is used for different kinds of DNS lookups.

The output of IPPluck is IPv4 networks in CIDR format. These networks encompass exactly those IPs that were specified in the input. Also, the number of generated networks is as small as possible.

In other words: IPPluck provides a different, and possibly more "human-friendly", interface to IPv4 networking. Even though its real use cases are limited, it works as advertised (and fast) when there is one. Besides, it was fun to write!

IPPluck is free software and available under a BSD-style license.


IPPluck itself comes with detailed manuals. PDF versions of these manuals are available here: ippluck(1), ippluck.conf(5), ippluck-specs(7).

An example input file is also available: example_specs.txt


The latest version of IPPluck is 1.0.0.

Get the source: ippluck-1.0.0.tar.gz
SHA-256: 2774ebe43857fe1af35a4105f20d426dde0400ed3537c4354a9b1884c531a8de
RMD-160: d9da61fa38513f6dd018a4077513e613ece1186b
MD5: 1d5c24dfda981fac82cfb7f40b02e414

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