About XSI

XMLSysInfo (XSI) is a system monitoring daemon that replies to network queries with XML-encoded system information and statistics. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of a system's various components, their health, resources, load, and many other things. It does so equally on all supported platforms. This data can then be analyzed, graphed or otherwise presented by a front-end, or put to any other imaginable use. XMLSysInfo is BSD-licensed and free for anyone to use for any purpose.

Or, because it sounds so much better:
XMLSysInfo is an agile, vertical XML application for mission-critical enterprise environments that leverages collective synergy to drive "outside of the box" thinking and formulate key objectives into a win-win game plan with a quality-driven approach that focuses on empowering key players to drive-up their core competencies and increase expectations with an all-around initiative to drive up the bottom-line. (Just kidding.)

Operating System Support

XSI supports the following operating systems, with only up to one feature missing:

It already builds and runs on a large number of other operating systems. Work has begun to support the following:

This example output shows how XSI output can look on a supported system.

Current version:


Proxsi 0.2 released

XMLSysInfo 1.0-beta2 released

Proxsi 0.1 released

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